1980-      Official Bootleg                    (Pussy)
1982      Plug it in
1983      Turn it up
1984      Mama's Boys
1985      Power and the Passion
1987      Growing up the hard way
1991      Live Tonite
                            (Music for Nations)
1992      Relativity
2000      The Collection

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Growing up the hard way

Pat MacManus : Guitar/Fiddle
John MacManus Bass/Vocals
Tommy MacManus : Drums
Keith Murrell :Vocals
Pete Harris : Synthesier
Don Baker : Harmonica

Track Listing
1.Waiting for a miracle
2. Bedroom eyes
3. In over my head
4. Higher ground
5. Hot blood
6. Running away
7. I've had enough
8. Black listed
9. Last thing at night

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