More Favourite Sites

Even more sites to have a look at . Don't forget to send an e-mail if you have any suggestions or additions to the links


The Band set up by John and Pat MacManus after Tommy had tragically died and is well worth checking out if you are into the more folky side of Mama's Boys

No Sweat

The Irish band who have rocked the city after we did and even made it into the English charts with Heart and Soul which is more than Trojan did despite what Eddie says

Big Generator

Big Generator the band from Portumna in Co. Galway who have been rockin' them in the aisles for many years now and are still on speaking terms with Seamus  but  not John from the Quays in Galway No mean feat lads!!!

Rock Network

This site has links to Heavy Metal and rock bands all over the world including the likes of Ireland's No Sweat, Saxon ,Trojan ,Mama's Boys and too numerous other bands to

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